Stop, fanmix time.

Seriously folks! Another fanmix!
(Oh, by the way.. sorry about the whole not posting for three weeks thing, as I'm sure you have all noticed before I am very lazy, so lazy in fact that I can't even muster enough motivation to blog, how sad. And yet.. I am not too lazy to compile an entire fanmix? It's a strange, flat world we live in.)

This time it's an Office fanmix, and it is comprised entirely of songs from.. *drumroll* musicals. Yeah, bet you never thought you'd hear me of all people say that, since the only musicals I actually like are Rocky Horror Picture Show and all the requisite Disney movies I watched as a kid. But the mix is for this month's theme over at fanmix , which is entitled "Life's a Cabaret", and the challenge is to make mixes that are only songs from musicals. Which I somehow managed to do. But not without help. Lots and lots of help from my friend Becca, and I would like to thank Becca, and give her mad props, for basically being my co-pilot for this mix, and not only helping me figure out which songs would work for people's personalities, but for also, you know, finding songs from musicals for me, since I am definitely not a musical-type person, and well Becca, she's obsessed, love ya Becs.

Now onto the mix!

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Another fanmix, really?

Yes, I have a fanmix for you all! See? I'm too lazy to make an art journal, or change my layout and header, but I am not too lazy to make a fanmix! Yay!

So, anyways, it's another Veronica Mars fanmix, this time, though, it's just for Veronica, not Veronica/Logan like my last one, and it's for the Febuary theme at fanmix , which is cancelled TV shows. And when I originally started it, it was supposed to representing Veronica throughout all three seasons, but it kinda sorta turned into more of season one Veronica.. but oh well. And as a sidenote, some of the songs are Veronica POV, where others are either other's POV of her or just about her. I was originally going for making them all her POV, but I would hear a song and just be like "That's perfect", so there you go, not that it really matters when you listen to it, since they all relate to her in some way or another.

So, without further adieu, here it is:


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FINALLY! (an icon post)

I cannot believe this but I have not posted icons since April. I AM SO SORRY! I mean, I knew I was lazy, but THAT lazy? I had no idea! So, anyway, here are some icons (and two banners!), and I was actually surprised at the fact that even though I haven't posted icons since April, I still don't have that many icons to post. Oh well, I hope you enjoy them.

+20 Big Lebowski
+16 South of Nowhere
+16 Gilmore Girls
+1 Kristen Bell FO banner
+1 Kristen Bell banner
+54 total


001Photobucket 002Photobucket 003Photobucket

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In lieu of the icons I was supposed to have posted today I am posting a fanmix!

It's a LoVe (Logan/Veronica from Veronica Mars, in case you've been living under a rock) fanmix, that I made a very long time ago, but am just posting now. *shrug*
It includes a zip with 10 songs and album art.

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